Seven areas to optimize your gig freelancer flow

More and more people are choosing to freelance and do gig work rather than traditional salaried work. Here are seven tips to such new age workers.

Tips for successful gig career

1. Divide your working time. 2. Set a good rate. 3. Specialize, ultra specialize. 4. Network. Your money depends on it. 5. Act like a business, measure everything. 6. Strategize for growth. If you don't do such strategy, you will never grow and will be buried by existing work. 7. Pick high quality customers. There are basically 5 activities that you will be involved in when you are freelancing:

Client work
Finding new clients/gigs (sales)
Maintaining relationships and networking
Improving on skills
Business upkeep (accounting, taxes, paying bills)
The first thing you need to do is establish an annual earnings goal. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but it should be comfortable, allow you to put away savings and pay for expenses.A lot of freelancing is incredibly competitive. After all, the benefits are alluring. On top of that many large companies have cottoned to the idea that moving some of their workforce from full-time to contract reduces their costs, and that adds a lot of experienced people to the independent workforce.
You can focus on becoming the best within your niche, building a very targeted skill set.
You can figure out the exact type of person that would hire you, where those people spend time, and how you can reach them.
You’re more relevant to the needs of your potential clients. For example, if I’m looking for a Python developer I’m going to avoid hiring someone who’s mostly worked in Ruby with some Python on the side. I want someone who eats and sleeps Python and has the Pycon shirts to prove it.


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Tips for successful gig career