Gurus used to be reserved for highly learned and highly experienced people, but now anyone can be a guru. How?

Gurus are everywhere. Money gurus, students who takes college classes and turn around package into online classes. They are everywhere, and many people are making good money for it. Do you want to learn how to replicate it.

The rise of fake gurus of free training and knowledge marketing

Many money gurus who show off their fancy cars remind you of the 80s infomercials - it is just now it is a lot easy to make and transmit such programming. Many such gurus are making millions of dollars. Many have cult like following and charging innocent.
The script is to talk about something cool - Amazon FBA, drop shipping, consulting, passive incomes, bit coin ... pick a topic and dip in. In reality, none of the things they talk about is as good as it is ... people can easily be guided into something that is easy and glamorous. They give away knowledge that can be found in Google search and general knowledge - these are all about marketing knowledge.
Then they draws into webinars and various venues and build relations. They discuss their life and make it sounds like they were just like where you are now. The whole point is to get you to buy seminars and training materials. Then the next step is the mastermind program and live events - hundreds and thousands of dollars.
They sell dreams to young people who are vulnerable and inexperienced. For young people even if you tell them that you can make 2000 dollars a month it sounds a lot appealing that it really is.
Be aware. Especially young folks, but this is the new 80s.


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The rise of fake gurus of free training and knowledge marketing