If you have less than 1000, what can you do to start a buisness?

We list three ways to start a business today in 2020 with less than 1000 investment. One, start a 3D scanning business. Two, learn to code and become a programmer. Three, get a professional license.

Profitable business with less than 1000 dollar investment

The three ideas are:
1. Start a MatterPort 3D scanning business. Currently only 1% of realtors are using it and it will grow to 80%. The cost for getting equipment is 1000-5000 dollars and you can charge 900 dollars for 3 hours of work.
2. Learn to code. Code AI and games. The median salary of new coding graduate is 120000 dollars in San Francisco. Coding is used for everything nowadays, and it is not that hard to code anymore because the platforms are so rich in functionalities.
3. Get a professional license, such as licensed lender, realtor, licenses contractors, certified financial planner, drone pilots. These take barriers.

Now none of the ideas are magic and bullet proof, but at least you start to build connections and build barriers, and participating in an big upcoming trend early.

Good luck.


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