Nine honest GIG work to passive income path you should know

With COVID and the financial world turmoil, it is good to start act like it is AC not BC (after Coronavirus not before). This article lists 9 different ideas that one can build a gig passive -income structure into their lives and get rich.

Nine great passive income gIg work ideas

The ideas are:
1. Invest in rental properties, buy them and rent. It is a super strong need of everyone. Get paid for your entire life with monthly recurring income.
2. eBook sales - selling books. ebooks never perish and has no storage issues. The profit margin is always greater than 50%.
3. Make Apple or Android App. If you can make them, make 200 of them. One of them is bound to work.
4. Photography licensing and lease.
5. Marketing agency
6. Recruiting agency
7. Pet hotel
8. Software and AI machines
9. Digital downloads

There is a reason why the popular children's game in America is Monopoly - a house renting scheme. Property rental is the secret formula of rich people all over the world. In China and the Arab world, everyone wants to be the land lords - the income is fixed and the needs are hard. You just don't have enough to make, so grow them. It will be hard, you will squeeze yourself, you will have sleepless nights, you won’t enjoy travelling around the world, no luxury or designer items, but everything will be saved. Work save and don’t touch. Repeat the process until you saved enough to buy cheap property, then move on to the next one.

Ideas for 5 include:
video/audio ads
product placement
social media advertising
social media management
virtual assistant
search engine advertising
link building
brand building
influencer management

Examples of 8 include the following.
Some example of software that we use every day are:
your computer software (windows, mac)
Norton antivirus
Adobe PDF
Microsoft Office
Social media apps
Gaming and entertainment
Software’s to create and run a blog:
Website hosting, such as WordPress hosting, Bluehost and others
Website theme that can be used over and over again which generate passive income without doing almost nothing
Moz and Semrush SEO analyzing software
Easil for Social media and Pinterest template creation
Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest scheduling and many others
Canva another platform to create graphic designs for almost anything


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