What is information apocalypse and how to combat it?

“You can’t counter influencers with a PDF fact sheet of handwashing and mask guidance.” Deep fake is everywhere, and the art of trickery, disinformation and half fact is spreading faster than ever due to the Moore's law powered social network of mobile devices. The difference between now and 20 years ago is that everyone can make news and everyone can directly influence the entire world for free. Two years ago, a video of former president Barack Obama calling President Donald Trump a “total and complete dipshit” was uploaded to YouTube.

Is half fact a fiction? or a fact?

It is harder than ever to tell the truth from the face, and to avoid misinformation. In a day and age where everyone is directly standing in front of the world with a cell phone and social APPs, major facts are harder to decipher. This is called the Information Apocalypse, when no one can tell the truth from the half fact. The eventual casualty is fact-based discovery and fact based democracy.
Over and over, the bar of "truth" in society is both upgraded and downgraded. Truth is a fact, but it can be argued endlessly by people "seeking the truth". To be fair, what we used to call fact is perhaps only 80% fact. Now even 98% fact will be called "lies" and 40% truth will be lauded as truth, depending on the person of interest.
The Plandemic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ54GDm1eL0


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Is half fact a fiction? or a fact?