How to start a 3D scan business

3D scan business is booming for the real estate market for remote visit to houses, and it is tied to the trend of international property purchasing.

Is 3D scan business good?

The 3D scanning business is booming but is this a good time for someone to go in? the 3D camera costs 3400 dollars (MatterPort) and one needs to tap into the real estate broker's circle to make a business. There are many companies already competing in this space, including‎,, and The cost will be mainly marketing, internet ranking, and local networking fees.
There is no doubt that 3D scanning will be a growing business in the future, with AR/VR, gaming, real estate and manufacturing needs. It is a good idea to specialize in one thing and build a good local business with strong network ties, and add additional value added services such as youtube, video making etc. You can also be an equipment rental house. In the area the competition is based on commission and housing price. If the house price is 600K, the total commission is 12,000 dollars for the realtor. You can charge 499 dollars for 1200 sq ft home with bundled features. You can upsell the 2D floor plan, drone shots, and photography for 299 dollars. Connect with local realty companies like Fidelity to get you leads. The total value is 1200 dollars and you can sell it for 900 dollars for a discount. The total amount of work including scan, drone shots and extra services takes 3 hours.


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