Five things I learned from solopreneur-ship

There comes a time in the life of entrepreneurs when they realize they’re being called to take the quantum leap from their current job into their own venture. Whether this call results from unexpected circumstances or a persistent vision, it’s almost a rite of passage to consciously choose solopreneurship, then leave your job to pursue it.


Five things I learned. (1) Everything is a slow build; (2) Get comfortable with making your own to-do lists; Finding direction on a daily basis was particularly hard for me, after years of basing my daily tasks on what professors, partners and bosses told me to do. (3) Keep your progress in perspective. Don't compare. (4) Be strategic to decide what idea to tackle first. One at a time, one thing at a time. Finish, then start. (5) Be open to the unexpected. Be flexible, but don't change, don't abandon course. Choose carefully, but choose once. Remember, everything on earth is hard.


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